Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Lives to Eat Readers Are Looking For

What you readers of my blog actually read here fascinates me!

You are obsessed with the best doughnuts in Honolulu - many people say they are from Kamehameha Bakery, when all I want to eat from there is their ensemada! Other people like their poi glazed or filled poi haupia doughnuts. Not me. Just give me the small ensemada and I'm in heaven!

Also, you want to add fiber to white rice. Listen, I add soybeans, as in this post. Take other cues from Japanese home cooking: add azuki beans or seaweed (hijiki is good because of the fine texture) or cook sekihan - sticky white rice cooked with azuki beans that turns a lovely maroon color. My final thought on that is you could make a quick chirashi with some cooked carrots sliced finely, furikake and aburage - purchased fried tofu skins. If you use the aburage that is sold in a package that comes on a shelf, you could use the liquid in there to flavor the rice, then stuff the rice in the remaining shells, or freeze the skins for other uses.

Finally, you could buy the pricey Genji-mai brown rice, which has a lot of the hull of brown rice removed. This tastes almost like white rice.

What else are you looking for out there? Information on Hamakua alii mushrooms, aka trumpet mushrooms. The husband loves these for their meaty texture - as part of an omelet or stir-fry. I haven't tried this, but I have seen a recipe for a salad with the mushrooms thinly sliced and cut into diagonal bite-size pieces. The other ingredients were a choice of kale or spinach and some onion for crunch. Where do you find them? Sorry, they're not always in the market. How do you clean them? Like any other mushroom: wipe off anything that looks like dirt with a damp paper towel and trim anything too tough to eat (which should be a minimal bit of tough stem).

OK, get back to cooking and eating!

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