Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to Add Fiber and Flavor to White Rice

We had leftover white rice. This is a common occurrence, whether I cook at home, or we eat out. The usual amount of rice that's served to me is more than I can eat at one meal. I often take home half the entree, as well!

Last week, I had about 1-1/2 cups of leftover white rice. I cooked one cup of frozen soybeans in water, then drained them. Mixed the beans with the rice, a half teaspoon of sesame oil and half teaspoon of sea salt.

This made a tasty accompaniment to the leftover fish and vegetables I served. Come to think of it, it's an Asian version of beans and rice!

Soybeans are high in protein, and the ones that are sold frozen come either in the shell, or conveniently shelled.

Next time, I may add soybeans to reheated leftover cooked quinoa, along with a splash of shoyu (soy sauce)!

Do you eat soybeans? How do you prepare them?

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