Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Cool Choice for Lunch

More than once, I've been at the mall, doing errands and instead of sustenance, I needed to quench my thirst and cool down.

The answer to that has more often than not, been: ONOPOPS! They're in a cold case right at the front checkstand of the Ala Moana Center Foodland. I told the owner/inventor that I need Ono Pops at MY Foodland, up the street!

What are they? Delicious, real fruit paletas or popsicles, many with ingenious local flavorings. Ume Thai Basil. Mango Habanero-Lime. Strawberry Lemonade, which was less exciting than the previous exotics.

The current favorite of the DH is Li Hing Pickled Mango, which is pretty good, but I like to try new flavors. I wanted Salted Caramel Watermelon, but they ran out!

I'll pass on the Saimin flavor - complete with kamaboko (fishcake), noodles and Spam! No, too, to the creamy teri Spam onopop!

I love the tangy onopops, and sometimes I call them: LUNCH!

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