Thursday, June 20, 2013

I've been busy

And off island for a week. Being away from routine habits caused us to lose 10 lbs. between us!

Even after ordering pizza - twice!

When you order from Pizza Luce, and ask for peppers, they will ask you, "Red or green?" Ask for olives: "Black, green or Kalamata?" Needless to say, it was delicious. And affordable - $20 - $22 for a large. We ordered half pepperoni, half artichoke hearts with bacon. Or half sausage, pepper and olive.

Short Rib Benedict

Manny's Steakhouse Lobster Benedict
That's a short rib Benedict at the top, lobster Benedict below it. Both from Manny's Steakhouse in the W, Minneapolis.

We went to both farmer's markets in the city, and while I was intrigued with the fresh cheese curds, I didn't buy anything. While there, we went to a grocery co-op, market, and boutique market. The latter had a smaller selection of produce, but better quality, and organic eggs were readily available and affordable. Yes, I did cook, but only basic things like pasta and chicken and salmon.

The sort of sushi you can find in Foodland was easy to find but pricey. We passed.

We ate Vietnamese food - it was OK - and Thai, which was just plain BAD, as was their service.

We bought granola from Target. It cost $3.49/box. Here in Honolulu, it's $6.99/box!

More on food to come...