Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It Came from Out of the Sky!

An avocado. Not just your supermarket or even farmer's market size avocado, but a BIG avocado.

On our nightly neighborhood walk, we found it on the sidewalk. We had admired the tree and its fruit, but it was trimmed back so that the branches no longer hung over the sidewalk. The avocado wasn't pretty - dark or brown or yellow in some spots. But we didn't question our luck, and a few days after a rest in a paper bag with an apple, I sliced into it, and it was firm and buttery. There was only the tiniest of bruises on one end.

So, two weeks in a row, we had The Most Delicious Sandwich! We ate the rest with cucumber and ripe tomato, with slivers of red onion and tangy ume dressing. Yum!

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