Thursday, April 25, 2013

Changes at The Whole Ox Deli & Butcher

You're reading my prior blogposts looking for a review of the "new" Whole Ox Deli & Butcher.

I can tell you right now, you won't see that yet. In the first place, a large group of us ate dinner there the first night of the new menu from the new chef. It's really unfair to everyone to base an opinion of the new menu on the first night, especially when the menus - both lunch and dinner, are still evolving.

We have tried the "new" lunch and enjoyed it. We had the burger; it IS different, but still good. Also had the fried chicken sandwich, which is also delicious. The MA'O greens are always good, and the mac salad is to my taste - with a minimum of mayonnaise. Please note that these sides no longer come with the sandwiches, and prices have been adjusted down accordingly.

Oxburger and Crush gift from Gooch
 We were happy to see our friend Mark Noguchi from TasteTable and PiliHawaii, and he gifted us with an Orange Crush IN THE BOTTLE! Mahalo for that, Gooch!

Yes, it was our birthday. Yes, we are Aries - stubborn, bossy, etc. Yes, we are 39. AGAIN. However, we don't feel our age, and we do know how to have fun! Surround yourself with great people, make new friends, what's not to love?
Fried Chicken Sandwich

We've talked to the new chef, Justin Yu, and he, Aker Briceno, Lindsey Ozawa and the staff are moving forward.

A note about the burgers: turning a whole cow into burgers isn't the best use, which is why there are only 30 per day. Please go early. You will enjoy!

And Bob McGee is working on something new and exciting. I can't wait!

So hang on out there, until we find out more, and go back for dinner, too! Better yet, go try!

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