Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Orange Food Plus Ochazuke

We had orange soup last night, and on the last day of March, some Garnet Yam. The other items I assembled to eat with hot white rice were: purchased poke, sliced tomatoes from Mari's Aquaponics (delicious!) and something green that I don't remember!

So, I thought the plate needed orange, peeled and cut up enough yam in wedges for the two of us, poked some holes with a fork, and nuked it in the microwave in a little water until tender. Yes, I'd rather eat kabocha cooked the conventional way, but this was a way to eat dinner faster! I drained the yams, had Ted mix in a bit of sesame oil, shoyu and sesame seeds. Perfect!

We ate all the above with furikake and lots of hot green tea, and Ted was in heaven. After homemade beef stew, this is his all-time comfort food: rice, tea, some vegetables, raw or cooked fish - ochazuke!

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