Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 2, 2013 - What We Ate Last Night

This is the way we eat at home: lots of vegetables, lots of flavor. Yes, we do eat out a lot - so many popups, great food at the Blaisdell Farmers' Market. We know we have to be prudent, thoughtful, when we eat at home. Spending an hour in the kitchen is the MAXIMUM I can stand to be there! Half an hour is ideal.

I had some Pit Farm beets I'd already cooked - I put Ted to work peeling them, then cut them into bite-size pieces. First I put a handful of sliced onions in hot olive oil, added the beets to brown and warm them, then a package of Okinawan spinach from Nalo Farms. These are glossy dark green on one side, dark purple on the other. They have to be stripped from the stems. The only new veg I've seen that I like better is the komatsuna. Otsuji Farms has this - it's in the turnip family, but has purple leaves and tastes like bok choy. After it's cooked, it will turn your nearby white food purple or green, but don't be alarmed. It's delicious. And be sure to leave some for me!

The other things we ate were leftover orange soup - most of my pureed soups look that color! This one was based on this recipe, but with mostly Garnet yam. Other versions use more carrots, tomatoes, even red bell peppers. Remember to adjust the spice levels to your own taste, and keep in mind various garam masala mixes, even fresh ginger, have different levels of heat. All I did was heat the leftovers in the microwave oven, and dished out two servings. We ate some orange food a couple nights before, too.

The final item on the menu was leftover whole wheat pasta - about 2.5 cups - thawed from the freezer. First, I sauteed a pile of sweet onion, then added several ripe tomatoes. When these were softened, I added a can of anchovies I got from the bargain corner at Foodland. Didn't rinse 'em or use the oil from the tin; I did smoosh them. (That's the technical term!) I added the pasta, a tiny bit of water. I guess white wine would have been nice. Then a chiffonade of basil before serving. Note: there was no added salt, it was just right! We had no parm, but that might have been good, too.

Ted's reaction: "There's fish in this?" Very good taste observation! But he couldn't find it!

So, we ate a variety of vegetables, whole grain pasta, a teeny bit of fish. Ready for tonight's dinner at Blaisdell Farmers' Market at The Pig & The Lady. See the menu here:

By the way, the Pig & The Lady Miyazaki dinner & movie popup was fabulous!

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