Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beach Bum Cafe redux

Now that I'm working downtown, I can pop into Beach Bum Cafe for some caffeine!

I did some errands at lunch time, and it was one of those Hawaiian days that feels like summer - hot and humid - and just makes you thirstier. I headed for the Cafe and an iced Americano from Dennis, the friendly owner.

He was serving a gentleman who was already seated, and a woman waited for his attention. After me, he had a third customer, then a fourth - it's great that so many folks want to drink good coffee!

When my coffee was ready, I asked if it was OK to sit and eat my lunch - some naan bread with Havarti, capicolla and soppressata. I had to eat much too quickly, but enjoyed the time I spent watching good coffee being made, and the wonderful aromas. 

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