Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is this any way to eat your vegetables?

I rarely go to Jamba juice. Probably because I seldom drink smoothies. My idea of a good smoothie is a lot of frozen fruit and some juice and maybe sorbet. A local indie shop makes some excellent examples, one with berries and another with pineapple. I won't name it for now, as I can't find their current address - I know they've moved. Yes, the sorbet makes it sweet, therefore a treat, and a sometimes indulgence, not for every day or even every week.

I just got this announcement via email, about smoothies "packed with a full serving of vegetables and two full servings of fruit". When you read the ingredients in two out of three of these, they include bell peppers and kale, among other things. I love bell peppers, folks, but NOT in a smoothie. And I DO NOT EAT KALE - cooked or raw. Here, I am admitting to my paranoia because at least two people who have eaten similar raw leafy vegetables have been rendered comatose in Hawaii, and others were sickened from an organism that causes rat lungworm disease. They thought they were eating healthier by not cooking their green leafy vegetables, but they became seriously ill.

I'm not planning to join them! And READ CAREFULLY: I am NOT saying you will get sick from drinking these, I am saying I don't like veggies in my smoothies. I am also saying I now avoid buying and eating certain vegetables. Heck, I no longer buy/eat lettuce or spinach. Most of the veggies I eat are scrubbable, like tomatoes, potatoes, onions, broccoli and more.Yes, just call me paranoid.

So, do you drink smoothies, and would you drink the Apple 'n Greens or Berry upBEET™?

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