Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New coffee in downtown Honolulu

I was running errands in the heart of Honolulu, on Fort Street mall, and I was running out of steam. I'd had a cup of coffee and just two bites of oatmeal with blueberries before I had to head out for a meeting, and to sign some papers. By the time I'd finished that and some other errands, I knew I needed sustenance! I'd originally planned on eating lunch, but it was a bit too early for that.

Then I remembered reading about Beach Bum Cafe in Biting Commentary, online at Honolulu Magazine. I wasn't sure where it was, but found it in the Executive Centre on Bishop Street near the escalators. The previous tenant there was Argosy University.

There was no one there when I peeked in the door, but the fellow came out right away. He was about to change the sign listing the coffees, so that made it a bit harder to choose. We moved past the espresso-related drinks and talked about the various types of Hawaii-grown coffees.

I'd tried Maragogype (yes, I already knew how to pronounce it!), Molokai Muleskinner and Waialua elsewhere, so I decided on Upcountry Farms Maui blend. As the owner, Dennis McQuoid, ground my beans and dripped my cup by hand, I learned more about coffee than I thought I could know! That not only was the grinding and roasting important, but the storage. Don't store your beans in the tractor shed!

Check Yelp for several coffee reviews, and Beach Bum Cafe's own website to learn about microbrews, and more.

How was my coffee? Before I even tasted, I could tell it was good - it had that rich, golden look that was dark enough but not muddy. The first impression was: smooth, the second: rich. Look elsewhere for the "bite" of typical Kona coffee. This was suave and quiet, not a rough, insistent coffee. And it wasn't tongue-burning hot. I'd go back for more. I only worry that in the time I was there - which coincided with the morning coffee break - I was the only customer. If you are a lover of good and different coffees, please check it out soon!

I also had a muffin made by Cake Works. It was big so I didn't think I'd be able to eat it all. But it was soft and good, more like a cake! So, no leftovers.

I'll be back to try other coffees, and learn much more than I imagined I could about coffee.

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