Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spanish Rice/Public School Lunch Update

The DH reported that just the other day, he had something called "Spanish Green Beans" for school lunch.

I asked him, "What happened to the RICE?"

He said, "Oh, it was served separately."

I can't imagine that tasted as good as the REAL Spanish Rice! It couldn't have!

We talked about school lunch in the lunchroom at work, and one remembered how good the apple crisp was, another said the cafeteria manager at her elementary school was SUCH a good cook, and made everything from scratch. So intermediate and high school lunches were a rude and disappointing surprise, as she said it, the food was, "Junk!"

One last great thing about public school food: the cinnamon toast! The cafeteria ladies would save stale bread in the freezer, then, when they had enough, they would butter it (or who knows, it may very well have been OLEO, aka margarine!?), throw on a ton of cinnamon sugar, and bake until crisp.

THE BEST cinnamon toast!

NOW I'm hungry!

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