Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Favorite OnoPops

What's an OnoPop? A local, Hawaiian paleta or popsicle. The flavors are natural and fresh. They are the perfect dessert after a meal at The Pig & The Lady at the Wednesday night Honolulu Farmers' Market. Nothing like a bowl of @PigandtheLady soup first, then a tangy OnoPop!

Recently enjoyed flavors have been: Candied Kumquat - @Melissa808 's new fave, also Rangpur Mojito - especially refreshing after something spicy, and Surinam Cherry Chocolate Chip.

Older favorite are: Pickled Green Mango, Pink Lemon Cream and Ume Thai Basil.

We have also enjoyed Pineapple Li Hing, Calamansi Coriander, Mango Habanero-Lime and Caramel Shoyu.

If you notice a trend here - you are CORRECT! We like our @OnoPops puckery with tart flavor!

We admit there are some flavors (no longer available) we were much too afraid to try: Saimin - yes, REALLY! Complete with noodles and fishcake! And Spam. We're not too big on Spam, and when we do eat it, it's on a musubi.

Tell me what your favorite OnoPop or paleta flavors are!?

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