Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Philosophy of Eating

The original reason I kept this link was that the NYC food truck chicken and rice dish from the Serious Eats Cookbook via Gilt Taste sounded great. Though I haven't found the time to make the recipe yet.

But when I re-read the online article recently, I scrolled down after the fold - newspaper types will get this! - and found words that resonated with me:

"Serious Eaters are people who may come to food face first, tongues wagging, but who are about appreciation, not judgment. Who are about finding the delicious, not one-upsmanship. A community who may first consume the food, but who also want to engage with the people who make it – to learn from and respect and, in some cases, reverse-engineer from them."

Because I can't always afford to eat out, I do sometimes try to recreate something I've eaten in a restaurant.

Sometimes I'm just not good at reverse-engineering, though, and I just give up!

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