Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dinner of a previous night - Tomato Soup Variation

It probably sounds like I'm obsessed with tomato soup, but when they are ripe and there are just too many to eat out of hand, soup is a fine choice.

The other night, I made the soup from this post. The tomatoes I bought in Waialua must have gotten squished somehow. Even though they weren't fully ripe, several of them had soft spots, so they went into the soup along with a large ripe one I'd bought from Karen, who sells lovely produce on Fort Street Mall Tuesday, and at Blaisdell on Wednesday.

This time, I also added half a red bell pepper. What glorious color together with a large carrot! We ate this with spelt bread - also from Waialua.

There is just enough left over for someone to have a warming lunch...

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