Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I don't drink

Tequila - don't like the taste of it. Except in a margarita, where most of the taste is lime and salt.

Gin - don't like the taste of that, either.

Beer - likewise. My friend Sandy had an interesting story about NY Eve. They went with older friends; one was a lady who was sucking down the champagne - she'd never had it before, as she was a beer drinker!

Champagne - its appeal is lost on me. Too many bubbles! I do like prosecco (less bubbles, and tasty!) I like wine better. Like most things in Hawaii, I pick the wine for the temperature. Cooler = meats, soups, stews, heartier, more alcoholic red wines. Hotter days = lighter reds and white wines that go with seafood, pasta.

Soda with sugar - I am a sodaholic. Reformed. I could drink 3 or more a day, but limit myself to one. Sometimes 2. Sometimes none. My soda of choice is diet 7up. Why can't I find it everywhere? Yesterday I had a diet Coke - not my favorite. I prefer diet Pepsi - more tangy.

Right now, I'm drinking something called Neuro Bliss. Purely experimental - I wanted to know what it tasted like, so I bought all the flavors. Yesterday I was drinking Neuro Gasm. The cigar guys were eyeing it up and asked me about it - but the truth is, I did want to try it. Even though it's supposed to help you in that area, I don't need help, so can't say it worked. The last one in the refer is Neuro Sun, with vitamin D. These have sucralose, and at least one of them has fructose, so not sure how healthy these are - probably not. Which brings us to:

Red Bull. Just the smell turns me off! DS is writing a paper, so in the past 2 weeks I've bought him more than a dozen of these, and he's ingested most of them. We were at our favorite pizza place (which is a bar) a week ago, and the pizza cook was slugging down a RB. The mini refer next to the bar is full of regular and diet RB. It is what that generation lives on. I know there is more than one cocktail combining liquor and RB - and how healthy is that? Okay, just a bit unhealthier than the above Neuro drinks!?

I'm sure there are more things, just can't think of them right now. What do you/don't you drink?

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