Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Pig and the Lady's Hu Tieu Nam Vang: Two Ways to Know Something is Good to Eat

The first way: when you're eating it, you can't stop. You have to tell yourself to pause and BREATHE!

The second way: thoughts of it come to mind, both when you're hungry and when you're not. And this can be DAYS or MONTHS after you've eaten it.

The other night, I was eating ramen that my husband had picked up from a nearby Japanese restaurant. The husband has passed on his chest cold to me, and I needed something hot, salty and wet.

But, it wasn't the soup I'd been daydreaming about.

That soup is The Pig and the Lady's Hu Tieu Nam Vong Vang, Cambodian-style pork and chicken broth with pork, chicken, egg, noodles and herbs. I tasted it for the first time at the Blaisdell Farmers' market last week, and hope they serve it again this Wednesday. It's THAT good. Hot, fragrant and satisfying.

And the people, the Le family, are super-nice. Andrew, Alex, Allison, Mama and Papa and friends.

Next week, they may very well have a new soup, as they've served turkey, chicken and beef soups so far. Also super-ono la lot - pork or beef wrapped in betelnut leaves and grilled. And recently, delicious turmeric rice cooked in chicken broth and served with chicken, onions and herbs with lime.

I'm drooling, and I just ate lunch. (Albeit, the lunch of person at home from work. Translation: leftovers.)

Hungry? Feed your stomach and your soul at The Pig and the Lady!

BTW: The DH is bringing his own spoon, the better to eat more noodles and broth at once. Alex says to bring your own bowl. Think saimin bowl size, not mixing bowl!

See you there!

Edited to correct spelling. Sorry, I was under the weather!

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