Monday, July 11, 2011

Yogurstory - a new option for coffee and dessert, great spinach salad!

We've been to this Korean coffee house/yogurt shop several times.

The first time, we'd eaten dinner at home, then went to a movie. We wanted to have coffee and dessert, but Honolulu is no longer an interesting place for those who seek this. I miss Upstart Crow, and Little Oven has been MIA for months. What's left is Starbucks with its burnt coffee and cold prefab desserts, and Zippy's with so-so coffee and ho-hum dessert.

So it was 9 pm when we walked into Yogurstory. I ordered an Americano, and the DH had regular coffee, and we split the Red Velvet Waffle. Can you say decadent and different? The coffees were more strong than anything else, but the atmosphere was well-designed, unhurried and relaxing.

We returned for lunch and enjoyed a sandwich and loco moco - both huge, we needed doggie bags.

We came back another time for pasta and ahi - both great.

Our most recent visit involved the chicken pesto pasta - again - and the spinach salad. We shared both of these, and they were excellent. We have very different tastes - the DH loves noodles, I like a variety of things. Yogurstory works for us! We are still talking about how huge and satisfying that spinach salad with the mandarin oranges, bacon and blueberry dressing is - we can't wait to eat it again!

I finally got to taste the frozen yogurt. It's different from most of the choices in Honolulu - Orange Grove, Yogurtland, Tutti Frutti - it's less creamy. And let's face it, I do not go for cookies, nuts, candies or sauce. I reach for the strawberries, blueberries and jellies and popping boba toppings. I was very happy!

Do you eat frozen yogurt? If so, what is your favorite?

Is there a salad you love to eat - whether at a restaurant, or at home?

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