Sunday, July 17, 2011

He put Pirie Mango in his Chili con Carne

And it was good!

When I left the library last night, I said I was off to drink red wine. And I did.

The pinot noir I picked went well with Chef Jeff's chili, which was pleasantly hot and spicy. I think I would have put more garlic, oregano and cumin into it, but I guessed rightly that there were both chipotles and jalapenos in it.

Pirie mangoes are less acid and "smoother" tasting than the more common Haden variety, which are more fibrous and tangy. The piries have a peachy skin color with a whitish cast, and softer flesh. Hadens are more "telegenic", with vibrant green/red coloring. But the best mangoes I've ever tasted were big, beautiful Rapozas and equally big Shibatas. Piries are lovely, but so rarely found.

We ate on the "man cave" lanai, while the winds tried to decide whether they were trades or westerlies.

The guys lit up their cigars, the ladies tried to stay upwind, and the only thing missing was hot black coffee to go with the cheesecake.

A great way to start my one-day weekend! sigh. It's back to work, tomorrow!

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