Monday, May 16, 2011

OMB! A bevy of food trucks!

What a Monday! Late morning, I looked out the library window and saw FOUR - count 'em - FOUR! food trucks parked on the street outside the library. First in line was the truck that's usually there. I've looked at their menu, but so far, nothing has appealed to me - it looks like the usual Hawaii plate lunch offerings.

Next in line was XTREME Tacos, and right behind them was Fairycakes. I told Melissa, "Come, look!" Imagine, if you can, two librarians peering out the multi-paned windows at the array of lunch wagons! Right away, she said she was headed out, and I asked her to tell me if the taco truck had a special. She came back to report that she'd bought a chocolate Whoopie pie!

I went out soon after her, and ordered an XTREME Tacos Baja fish taco. While waiting for that, I went to the Fairycakes truck. It was my intention to buy ONE thing, but I ended up with THREE! Later this night, we split both the lilikoi (passion fruit) cupcake and the red velvet Whoopie pie. Both were light and tasty, and I'd eat them again. We're saving the massive brownie for another night (or two!)

I ate the taco for lunch, and it would not satisfy a hungry man. OK, I'd brought some Lightning Salad to eat with my leftovers, so that with the taco was enough. It was about 3-1/2 inches of battered fried fish in two flour tacos with chopped tomato and onion. The X sauce was watery and NOT X. The XX sauce was tickly hot and tasty -good!

I will try something else next time - I hope they come back! Now I know to go straight to XX and even try XT!

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