Saturday, February 26, 2011

Way to spend a Wednesday afternoon

I used my last WOW tomato at the start of the week, and desperately wanted MORE.

Why WOW? When you taste these tomatoes, you'll know the answer. And that's just the red ones. The orange and yellow ones are even better - low acid, juicy and sooo ono! Not to mention the heirloom tomatoes - so ugly only a mother could love them, but pure bites of heaven.

For a potluck, I made a salad of sprigs of watercress, red onion slivers, feta, pecans, Bosc pears and the yellow and orange WOW tomatoes with a balsamic vinaigrette. One of my coworkers PICKED OUT THE TOMATOES and ate ONLY THOSE! Well, she does know what's good.

I love farmers' markets. I don't hesitate to tell the farmers what I love that they grow. I'm only sorry I can't buy more produce - the two of us can only eat so much!

So, the way we spend Wednesday afternoon, every two or three weeks, is to head to the Blaisdell entertainment complex, in downtown Honolulu. Every Wednesday, the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation hosts a farmers' market from 4 pm to 7 pm.

The vendors put up tents in the parking lot and they range from produce to honey, nuts, Middle Eastern food by my friends from Da Spot and garlic ahi and shrimp linguine plates from our friends at Hawaiian Style Chili Co. Yes, they are our food friends because they provide consistent quality and tasty choices, and we go back to them time and again.

I've read lots of snippy comments about this market at Yelp, but those commenters can have the zoo that is the Saturday Kapiolani market. This one is laid back and chill, and you have the chance to see or make friends, or tell the visitor he shouldn't eat the skin or seeds of the papaya. (This really happened!)

WOW Farms

Wednesday Honolulu Farmers Market

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