Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dinner at Prima Kailua

WARNING: the following photos (all by Mike) show plates with bites taken out of them or worse, plates with only a sad bite left. This is both a reflection of how tasty the food was AND how hungry we were!

We were there a week or two before they celebrated their first anniversary. We were so happy to be greeted at the door by smiling Blaine. I wouldn't know where to start talking about him, so for now I'll just say he's welcoming and capable - between him as host, and our waiter, Keenan, we were in good hands.

It had been a while since we'd had dinner there, so we'd asked Mike, who lives in Kailua, if he wanted to join us. We got to eat more things with three of us. We started with some liquid libations: Ted had the Bamberger lager, which he enjoyed. Mike and I had the aperitif of St. Germain with I think - prosecco - and soda - refreshing and delicious!

We heard the specials, and quickly ordered 3 of them. We enjoyed the opah, Samoan crab ravioli and grilled tako.

You're talking about three hungry people, so photos of food were secondary to tasting and eating! At right, the last bite of the local opah belly gravlax with cucumber, egg, creme fraiche. Yum!

Next photo below left is the grilled tako with lima beans. Confession: I hate lima beans! These were yum! The octopus was caught nearby, expertly grilled, beans wonderfully tasty. Mike said even his grandmother would eat this, it was so tender. This was the favorite of both guys.
After the tako, see the Samoan crab ravioli with chorizo, potato and crab sauce. Two orders, because I'm greedy! So good.

The pasta dish is onolicious Spaghetti Amatriciana - with tomato, guanciale. Am I the only one who wants to pronounce guanciale with a soft "c"? There were no prisoners!

We were ready for dessert from the creative mind of Aker, Alejandro Briceno. We had the gelato sampler, and the flavors were banana, fig, almond cake and Mike's favorite, milk.We demolished the anise fritters - like very light and tiny andagi - they are gone in the photo.

On the left is chocolate juniper cake with brulee shards, a crumble and grapefruit sorbetto, and on the right is mango gelato with pistachio crunch, and - I think - tuiles and panna cotta. Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong on any of these! Basically, we just ate 'em because they were delicious.

Above, see the hardworking crew of Prima Kailua, who looked like this most of the night. They had a full house! Lindsey, in the background, was kind enough to say hello, and thank us for trekking over the mountains. We'll be back, as there are still things we haven't tried: the fennel panna cotta, brussels sprouts and grilled baby romaine, chicken-fried sweetbreads, more. What else should you eat there? The papardelle with curried bolognese, asparagus risotto, the crudo of the day!

Congratulations to Prima - not only for their first anniversary, but for their 'Ilima Critics' Choice Award for Best New Restaurant 2012-2013! They are open 7 days a week from 5 pm to 10 pm, located at Kailua Town Center, next to Foodland. Ph. 888-8933.

By the way, Mike, I want to eat with your grandmother: she's a champ!

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