Monday, March 26, 2012

Part Two: Dinner Party - Yes, Last Minute on a Work Night

When Chef Jeff invites, you'd be missing out if you said no! This is the second recent dinner invitation from him.

No time or energy to pick up something fantastic or cook, so we arrived with a very food-friendly Sangiovese and a robust Zin my brother-in-law would probably love.

What did we eat? Some lovely sashimi, "popcorn" potatoes, artichoke with lemon/garlic sauce prepared by Russ. Smoked fish - aku? And the highlight of the night: rack of lamb cut into chops. Yes, the Sangiovese went well with everything. We do not know about the Zin, as a disappointing Erath pinot noir was opened instead.

For dessert, there were cigars and spinach salad with bacon bits, onion, langostinos.

I'll have to check with the DH to see if he smoked my cigar!!! And I need to buy another bottle of that Zin...

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